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General System Burst

We’ve been sold a vision, in books, movies and TV of a world where machines work hand in hand with people. Today, inspired by this, all over the globe, companies are racing to make this world real.

Without General System, they will not create that world.

There is a single reason. All our current data processing techniques were designed for human scale data. We are still using the same fundamental architectures designed in the 1960’s.

As a result, these companies can’t keep up with the volume, velocity and breadth of the data. What needs to happen in seconds takes weeks. Worse the compute and storage costs of these broken attempts outpace the revenues generated.

This is before they face the inhuman amount of data that will be produced when the machines and sensors number in the billions and trillions. 95% of all real-time data is going to be the data created by them. They will never stop… never sleep… constantly interact. The outcome is that it’s not just uneconomic, it’s technically impossible to achieve.

General System solves these problems.
We are making the impossible, possible.

We are on the cusp of a new era with the technology we bring to the world; we will be the data sensor data platform of the world and transform how humans and machines understand the world in real time to enhance human ingenuity, innovation and safety in a sustainable manner.

Wouldn’t you want to be part of this momentous journey with us?

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