About Us

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Our mission is to transform the way humans and machines understand the world. In real-time. Enhancing human ingenuity, innovation, and safety in a sustainable manner.

We are doing this by creating a real-time index of reality, enabling billions of machines and trillions of sensors to land, index, share and consume each other’s data about the world as they move through it.

This is possible because we have created a unique new form of data processing. One that can process the volume, velocity, and breadth of data from millions of dynamic machines and sensors in its full fidelity. On as little as a single server. Processing that can collaborate and live anywhere. This processing and our approach are unrelated to anything else in existence today.

Using the General System platform, your car will be able share what it sees with other cars. Your AR glasses will be able to query the world around them and access the information from millions of others. Your drone delivery will be completed quicker and safer. Your city will keep you safe. Our industries and supply chains will be more efficient. Our climate will be monitored.

Combined, the data from all of this will enable humanity to query reality and unlock new societal and economic outcomes. All while ensuring data dignity, privacy and control.

Who We Are

We are a team of 50+. We have contracts with some of the world’s toughest customers.

  • Our CEO, David Peto has founded three companies, transformed industries with Apple, Sony and Hollywood as customers. He is our visionary leader and source of inspiration.
  • Our CTO, Andrew Rogers designed the first sensor backends for Google Earth. He designed and performed the scalability work for Netflix from scratch. He is our brain.
  • Our COO, Paul Birch is ex – Accenture, he is the co-founder of BPO start-up that was acquired by Genpact. He is our Swiss Army Knife.
  • Our CCO Government, Ash Alexander-Cooper is ex-Palantir, former Senior British Military Commander. He is our one and only OBE in the family.
  • Our CMO, Deniz Onar is ex-AWS and ex-Microsoft. She is our force of nature.
General System Who We Are
General System Our Values

Our Values

At General System our values define our actions and we live by them: we hire by them, we promote by them and we make all of our decisions based on them so they are core to our way of operating.

  • Inclusivity: We are inclusive and welcoming to all teammates and partners; looking out for each other and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. We encourage diversity of thought.
  • Integrity: We are committed to working at the highest levels of integrity and have a willingness to hold ourselves and our teams accountable. We always strive to do what is right, not just what is easy.
  • Innovation: We are relentlessly curious and creative, committed to solving hard problems. We are smart about the work we do and how we do it.
  • Invested: We are passionate about our work, believing what we do will make a difference. We take personal accountability for the delivery of goals. As committed teammates, going above and beyond expectations for our colleagues and clients is second nature.

Our Organisation

We have a very flat organisation and we do not believe in hierarchical structures; we collaborate and work together to achieve the outcomes for our customers in the shortest time possible.

Apart from the central divisions like Engineering, Marketing, Operations or HR that pave the road for the success of our customers we have 2 customer facing divisions;

As part of our vision of transforming how humans and machines understand the world and particularly in real time, we are offering companies of all sizes, who create and use dynamic sensor data, a new kind of data processing that can collaborate and live anywhere.

As part of our vision to create a safer world, we are working with the top tiers of UK / US Government to enable them to achieve better outcomes with the use of our technology. All while ensuring data dignity, privacy and control. We refer to our public sector division as Excession. https://excession.co/

Our platform components enable landing, indexing, and making searchable data about reality. Our data components enable modelling of reality. Our visual Interface components enable humans to see, interact with, and influence reality. Our APIs allow machines to do the same.